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More Containers, More Barangs!

Jalan Jalan Japan is pleased to announce that we have managed to increase the rate of incoming containers from six containers a month to nine a month. We have inked the deal a week ago and the first shipment of good for the three extra containers are expected to arrive at Port Klang in late November or early December.

Jalan Jalan Japan is now coming close to 24 months since we first opened our doors at USJ. Our management team has noticed a strong pick up in sales across all 3 stores in recent months. The present supplies cannot meet current demand. One member was dispatch to Japan recently and have managed to convince HQ to increase by another 3 containers every month. This will take time to take effect and the soonest we can expect that the first three additional containers to arrive will be by late November or early December.

Thank you for your support!