• Phone : +6012 267 3840
  • Time : Opens everyday including Public Holidays. Business Hours: 10.00 am - 10.00 pm


Q1. Are Goods That Are Sold, Exchangeable?

Goods are sold on AS-IS  basis. Everything in our store is preloved goods, therefore it is the customer’s responsibility to check the goods carefully before making any purchases. We cannot entertain any request for an exchange, once you have made the purchase.



Q2. What Days Is JJJ Open? Is JJJ Open On Public Holidays?

Jalan Jalan Japan store opens daily, that’s including most public holidays. On days that we are closed, notices will be displayed at our store entrance a week ahead and an announcement will also be made via JJJ Facebook page.


Q3. How Often Does JJJ Restock?

Any casual visitor who stepped into JJJ store might not have noticed any changes in our product offering. In fact, we restock our goods daily, and restocking is carried out almost every hour, every day. Our goods move off the shelves quite quickly, hence most items on display are less than a week old.

Our shipment of goods arrived at Port Klang weekly. After processing and cleaning, goods are forwarded to our warehouse before reaching our JJJ store.


Q4. Payment By Cash Or Credit Card?

Jalan Jalan Japan store accepts CASH and payment via Credit Card.


Q5. Can Anyone Pre Book Any Item?

We do not offer pre-booking service at our store as we always practice fairness to all our customers. However, if you have made your selections in our store and would like us to hold your purchases while you continue with your shopping or need to go to the bank, we can hold your basket for up to 3 hours only. The items in your basket will go back to the shelves after 3 hours or at the end of business day.


Q6. Does JJJ Do Delivery?

We DO NOT make deliveries. If you are planning to purchase bulky items like furniture, we advise you to arrange your own transportat.


Q7. Does JJJ Entertain Online Purchasing?

We do not have online purchasing facilities. You can only purchase our goods in JJJ store.


Q8. Hot Deals, Top Bargains

We will make announcement at our store and on JJJ Facebook page in the event of any major sales. The announcement will be made 7 days prior to the date.


Q9. We Only Sell; We Don’t Buy Policy

Many businesses have enquired if we purchase goods from them. The answer is, NO WE DO NOT. Jalan Jalan Japan is unique, as we do not have a Purchasing Department. All our items are shipped from Japan.


Q10. Have JJJ Introduced Any Discount Or Membership Card?

We do not have any discount or membership card as our regular price is already very attractive.

However, there is a 5% discount promotion for all your purchases when you present the Facebook/Instagram/Twitter posting on your purchases together with the hashtags #hargagiler #jalanjalanjapan to our cashier before you make your payment.


Q11. Enquiry On Job Vacancy 

As our business expands, we are looking to grow our team, and we are always interested in speaking to qualified candidates. We look for enthusiatic and outgoing individuals to join our motivated and dedicated team.

Please make an appointment to meet our store Manager and he/she will arrange the day and time for an interview.