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  • Time : Opens everyday including Public Holidays. Business Hours: 10.00 am - 10.00 pm


We only sell, we DO NOT buy.
We receive many offers of preloved products from individuals and companies.  We are often asked if we wish to purchase their products, The answer is NO.

Why? All our products are shipped in from Japan by Bookoff Corporation. We can only sell these products and not from any other sources. Please accept our apologies that we cannot make any purchase locally.



Offers of retail space for our expansion plans.
Our management team welcomes offers for rental of retail spaces. We are interested in large spaces of 15,000-30,000 sq ft on a single floor is preferred. As our company sells preloved goods at low margins, it is important that our stores are located in AFFORDABLE malls.

Jalan Jalan Japan makes excellent tenants. We have opened in 3 locations over the last 3 years, and each of the malls has seen increased activities and visitors. Parking bays, public transport, presentable frontage, clean maintenance, truck access are some of the criteria we look for.

For your reference, the following is info on floor size of current stores: 

One City, Sky Park, USJ - approximately 25,000s q ft

1 Shamelin Mall, Cheras - approximately 17,700 sq ft

CenterPoint Seremban - approximately 21,000 sf ft

Please forward all proposals to: myreachmaxx@gmail.com



Offers for sponsorship of events.
We often receive requests for sponsorship for events. We regret to say we have a limited budget for such activities. However, our management team will be happy to listen to your request.

Please forward all proposals to: myreachmaxx@gmail.com